Butterfy valve

KV produces High Performance, Triple Offset and Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves.

Size / class: 1”-60” / 150-2500

Spec: Flange, Screw, etc...

Pres/Tem. : ASME/ANSI B16.34



Product Description


1) Size: 2"to26"wafer type, lug type and double flanged type

2) Materials: Body: Cast iron, carbon steel, 304S. S, 316S. S and aluminum bronze. Disc: Ni-plated ductile iron, Nylon coated ductile iron, 304S. S, 316S. S, aluminum bronze and monel. Shaft: 416S. Sand316S. S, 17-4PH. Seat: EPDM, high temperature EPDM, food grade EPDM, NBR, abrasive resistant NBR, Viton, high tempera  ture Viton, Hypalon, Silicon rubber PTFE over EPDM, PTFE over NBR, Neoprene. Bushing: Glass backed PTFE

3) Working Pressure: 2"to6" 40bar 8"to26" 25bar



1) It is reliable in sealing. The more it closes, the tighter the sealing. It is suitable for medium pressure pipes with the nominal pressure between 16MPa and 4MPa

2) At the time of opening, the disc can separate itself from the seat promptly, thus the friction torque is low

3) The adjustment can be done for compensation if the valve seat is worn, thus prolonging the service life

4) The sealing face of the valve seat is made of PTFE, which is suitable for a temperature between -30º C and 230º C